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  1. Hi,

    my name is Paul Wright, a radio producer with Dublin South 93.9 FM. I’m currently making a radio doc called On Yer Bike – Revolutionary Eco-Friendly transport!

    Theme of radio doc as follows:
    For most Irish people in the late 19th century, travel other than by walking, horse-power (whether riding one or being pulled by one in a carriage or trap) or by a steam-powered train, was unusual, if indeed one travelled large distances at all. But the arrival of the bicycle at affordable prices from the 1890s onwards changed everything. For the first time ever in world history, it made modern transportation a practical option for the general population, and in the process created a real social revolution. For example, the bicycle allowed the local people from countless rural communities in Ireland to travel beyond the traditional 4-mile radius of their townland to find marriage partners. The bicycle also became a practical and cheap commuting vehicle for people to and from work, places of recreation or wherever. If that wasn’t enough, the coming of the bicycle helped progress the cause of women’s emancipation, since early 20th century female cyclists increasingly refused to wear bloomers or be chaperoned, and instead opted for pants and cycling with friends or even sweethearts! In a nutshell, the bicycle greatly improved the quality of many Irish people’s lives back then….and thankfully continues to do so right up to our modern times. This radio documentary aims to celebrate the history of the bicycle in Ireland, from its tentative beginnings in the mid-19th century, to the ever-increasing numbers of people cycling nowadays- with a particular focus on: (a). the deep Irish involvement in the early development of the modern pneumatic-tyre bicycle; (b). the role of the Wexford based Pierce Bicycle Company in pioneering an Irish-bicycle manufacture industry; & (c). how cycling has evolved over the last century in Ireland, so that it’s nowadays more popular than ever before, with increased numbers of people taking to their bikes nationwide- cycling for work, leisure, sport or whatever.
    More than anything else, this documentary seeks to send out the message to the listening public that- cycling is 100% accessible, healthy, enjoyable and eco-friendly; and that they shouldn’t be afraid to get cycling, since there’s a world of adventure waiting to be discovered.


    If possible, could you buzz me at 086-3569871, with a view to my attending one of your future events, in order to interview participants for a segment of doc dealing with contemporary cycling exploits. Alternatively, feel free to e-mail or text me a contact number and I’ll buzz you.

    RSVP, (thanking you in advance),

    Paul Wright
    Dublin South 93.9 FM Community Radio,
    Dundrum Town Centre.

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